Download & Install Theme

NOTE: This article references to REI Landlist theme download and install, but is the same process for all other REI Conversion themes including: REI Houseleads, REI Houselist, and REI Landleads.

Once you purchase your theme, you will see this message pops up alerting you to check your email for the theme’s download links, license key, and installation instructions.

Make sure to also check your spam for an email from

If you can’t find the email, you can click the “ Didn’t Get It – Resend email" button and wait a few minutes to receive the email.

1. Downloading the Theme File

Under step 2 of the email, you will find the link to click in order to download the theme file.

Once the file has downloaded (it will be a compressed zip file), you will need to upload it to WordPress.

If you ever need to re-download your theme file you can always go to Hover over Login and select User Dashboard - Buyers. You can reset the password there if necessary.

Once you are inside of your REI Conversion account, you’ll find the available theme file(s) to download. Disregard the plugins for now as you are setting up the theme only.

2. Uploading and Activating the Theme

On your WordPress Dashboard, go to Appearance > Themes 

Then click on  Add New

You will be directed to a new page. Click  Upload Theme.

Then click  Choose File and locate the file on your computer. Once it’s uploaded and ready for installation, you will see the file name appear. Click Install Now.

You will see the following dialogue screen. Once the upload is finished, the last line will read ‘ Theme installed successfully’. You then need to click on Activate.

You will be directed to the below page and prompted to enter your license key. Your license key is on the email that had the download link for the theme. Copy and paste the license key, then click Agree & Activate License.

You have now installed your REI Conversion Theme onto your WordPress site!