Pebble Integration for REI Landleads

Pebble can directly integrate with your REI Landleads website.

Pebble can send out offer/neutral mailers to land owners with a mailer code. That mailer code is generated by Pebble and is attached to a specific property of a property list which you uploaded.

When owners/motivated sellers visit your REI Landleads site, they can submit their property to you by entering their mailer code directly yon REI Landleads form which then will be directed and collected inside of Pebble for easy management.

Importing Pebble Forms

1. Download the forms below for your corresponding Landleads Skin and unzip by double clicking it after you've downloaded it. 

REI Landleads 'Classic Skin' - Download Pebble Form Here
REI Landleads 'Bold Skin' - Download Pebble Form Here

2. Login to your WP Admin dashboard and go to Ninjaforms and Import/Export.

3. Hit the Choose File button,  then locate the folder where you unzipped the files in the previous step, and find the file ' nf_form_Get_Cash_Offer__Pebble.nff', click Open and then Import Form.

4. Repeat the previous step, but choose the file 'nf_form_Get_Cash_Offer_Step_2__Pebble.nff' and import this form.

The forms for Pebble integration are now imported. Now let's connect your site to Pebble.

Connecting to Pebble

1. Go to your Pebble account, login, and go to Sellers.

2. Copy the the Inbox address email.

3. Head back over into your REI Landleads website and access the WP Admin dashboard

4. Go to Ninjaforms and select the form Get Cash Offer - Pebble then select Email & Actions

5. Select the gear icon of Admin Email and in the TO field paste the Inbox address email address.

6. Make sure Admin Email is toggled on and click Done and then Publish to save and then the X to close this screen.

7. Repeat steps 4-6 but for the form Get Cash Offer (Step 2) - Pebble.

Both these forms are now going to bring your leads right into your Pebble Seller inbox. The next thing we need to do is replace the default forms with these Pebble forms.

8. Go to Pages select Home and then Edit with Elementor.

9. Select the Form box, on the sidebar select the form Get Cash Offer - Pebble then hit the Apply and Update buttons on the side bar.

10. There is a second form on this Home page closer to the bottom. Repeat the previous step.

11. Once you've updated both the forms on the homepage, you'll now update the second step form of collecting your seller lead's information.

12. Go back to your WP Admin dashboardPages select Get Cash Offer page and then Edit with Elementor.

13. Highlight and then select the form box, and on the sidebar select the form in the dropdown Get Cash Offer (Step 2) - Pebble.

14. Hit Apply and Update.

That's it, your REI Landleads site is now fully integrated with Pebble and will direct all seller leads into Pebble directly. Pebble will parse that information automatically and will organize that lead's information for you.

We suggest you head back to your REI Landleads site in incognito mode, and submit the form as if you were a seller and double check that it is now appearing inside of Pebble.