Connecting to Zapier

Zapier is a great tool to help you with your workflow and offers integration with other SaaS applications. In this article we'll discus how to connect REI Pebble to Zapier. 

Go to Settings > Integrations on your REI Pebble Dashboard and you'll be presented with some of our built-in integrations. 

Next to Zapier, click Connect

You'll be redirected to the REI Pebble/Zapier page. Click on Accept Invite & Build a Zap

You'll then be taken to your Zapier account. Click Make a Zap

You'll then be asked to search apps for your Trigger. Search for REI Pebble and click on it. 

You'll then need to choose a Trigger Event. For this example, we'll be choosing Send Property.

Click Continue. 

You'll then be asked to authenticate your account by signing into REI Pebble. Go ahead and do this. 

Once logged in you can select Continue

Next, select a Integration name. This will show up on the REI Pebble interface and helps to differentiate if you have multiple zaps. For the purposes of this demo, we'll be calling it Send to Trello

Click Continue.

You'll then be prompted to Test your Trigger. Click the button. 

You'll then be presented with information from one of your properties as a test the trigger works. 

Click Continue

You'll then need to choose an application to send this to. 

Search for the app you want to choose and click on it. In this demo we're using Trello

You'll then need to choose an Action Event. We're going to pick Create a Card. Click Continue

Choose your Trello account or sign in for the first time and then press Continue.

Then you'll be able to set up your action. 

Fill out the required fields; Board; List and Name. Name is what information will be pulled from the property. For the purposes of this demo we're using County Name and the Property APN

Fill out the other optional sections to suit your business needs, then press Continue

You'll then be prompted to do a Test Action

Click Test & Continue.

Finally, click Turn on Zap

You'll be notified that your zap is turned on!

Now, if you go back to your REI Pebble Dashboard, under Settings > Integration, you'll see your new Zap. You can click on Edit/Delete and you'll be redirected to that Zap to make changes. 

If you go to  Properties and select one of your properties, you'll see an Integrations section where you can send your properties to Trello