Dedicated Call Answering Service Form

Allowing a dedicated answering service like Patlive to take and answer seller lead calls is a great way to scale and automate the acquisition process of your land business.

You can use your REI Landleads website to allow your answer service to submit properties to you by creating a form dedicated to your call answer service. In these instructions, we show you how to embed the  Pebble Seller Lead  Form and  Ninja Forms form. 

Create a new page

You'll need a new page to embed the Pebble Seller Lead form on a new dedicated page which you'll share with your call answer service to use. This is a necessary step whether you are using the Pebble Lead form or Ninja Forms.

Go to  Pages > All Pages and click on Add New in the top left corner. You can also click on the Pages > Add New on the left side of your WordPress Dashboard to automatically create a new page. 

A new page editor will open up. To complete the process follow the steps below:

  1. Enter the title of the page to however you would like it called. 
  2. Click on the Permalink option in the right menu to add the slug - this will become the page's address.  Ex:
  3. Click on Publish.
  4. Click on Edit with Elementor

Once the Elementor Editor opens up, enter either Shortcode or HTML in the search box and drag the box you need to the right side. If you have a REI Conversion website, then you will need a shortcode. If you have a custom website, you will need the HTML box.

Embedding the Pebble Lead Form

Log into your Pebble account and go to Settings > Automations > Add New

Or choose the form if you already have one.

Click on  Create Embedded Code.

Select REI Conversion Website for shortcode or Custom Website for HTML code, depending on which type of website you have. 

Then, click on  Copy Snippet.

Return to the Elementor Editor. Paste the code into the box and the form will appear automatically. Click on  Update to save changes. 

Embedding the Ninja Forms Form

First, you'll need to duplicate an existing form.

Go to Ninja Forms > Dashboard

Duplicate the Get Cash Offer (Step 2) form by clicking the settings cog and then clicking Duplicate

Click  Edit. This will direct you to the form so that you can add additional questions and customize the form to your liking. You can also rename your form here under Advanced > Display Settings. If you need a refresh on Ninja Forms,  refer to this section of the documentation.

Go Back to the Ninja Forms Dashboard and copy the shortcode

Go to Pages and open the new page you created by clicking on Edit with Elementor

Enter " Shortcode" in the search bar and drag the box to the right side. 

Paste the shortcode into the box on the left. Your form will appear automatically. Don't forget to click on Update to save the changes on your page.