Managing Your Inbox

Pebble Inboxes

Your Pebble inbox is where you can manage all communication with your sellers and buyers in one convenient place. The Seller's inbox is for managing acquisitions, while the Buyer's inbox is for managing dispositions.

On the left-side column in the Seller's inbox, you'll see all of your incoming messages. These could be from lead form submissions, calls, text messages (SMS), voicemails, or e-mails: 

From here we can mark a message as  closed, star it, or mark it as unread

Closed: simply closes out the messages so it no longer is in your inbox, but you can re-open anytime.
Star: Mark the message if there is any significance which you'd like to reference from at a later time.
Unread: Marking a message unread will put the status of the message as unread for you to review later. 

Seller Deals

You can create a deal for any of the items in your inbox or attach it to an existing deal

After adding a deal, you'll be able to click on it and see all of the conversations related to the deal itself.

Filtering Messages

You can filter the messages that you've marked as closed or unread: 

Compose Messages

You can compose messages directly from the Inbox section. To compose e-mail and text messages, you'll have to link your preferred e-mail account in the Inbox Settings section: