What are the rates for print and mail?

Our mailers start at $0.50 per letter. No minimums, limits, or additional fees. Read here for detail print and mail rates.

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Can I import properties from a campaign that I mailed outside of Pebble REI?

You can most definitely mail properties outside of Pebble. Here's how...

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How do I generate property documents?

Watch this video on how to generate your documents with the Pebble template editor.

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How do I send a neighbor letter?

Pebble lets you easily create and mail neighbor letters for any of your properties

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How does the daily send count work?

Each campaign has a daily send count, and this determines the number of mailings that will be sent each day once you activate your campaign. Mailers go out everyday at 2:00am UTC (7pm Pacific, 8pm Mountain, 9pm Central, and 10pm Eastern)

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How do I bulk edit my properties?

You can filter and bulk edit your properties. Have a watch at this video...

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How can I modify a campaign's daily send count?

You can modify the campaigns details and settings at anytime, here's how.

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How do I change my monthly/yearly plan?

To change your plan from monthly to yearly or yearly to monthly please email hello@pebblerei.com and let us know which plan you want to change to and your Pebble Account's email address.

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