How do I send my first campaign?

Sending your mailings is easy with Pebble. It all starts with creating a campaign.

Step 1: Add a New Campaign

Visit the campaigns page and click "Add Campaign".

Campaigns - Add New

Enter your campaign details and click "Create Campaign".

Campaign name

A descriptive name for the campaign so you can reference it later.


The letter or postcard template used to generate your mailings.

Mail type

  • USPS Standard delivers in 2-3 weeks.
  • USPS First Class delivers in 3-5 days.

Check settings page for mail pricing

Print type

Select Black & White unless your template includes a color image

Daily send count

This is the number of mailings that will be sent each day once you activate your campaign. To send all your mailings immediatly, set this to a really large number.

Campaigns - Details

Step 2: Upload Your Campaign List

Enter your list details and click "Upload"


Search for the county that you're mailing


If your list is comming from a data provider, select it here. If not, select the "Custom" option. We'll use the source to pre-populate the list headers in the next step.

List file

Select the file you'd like to upload. Pebble supports standard .csv files in UTF-8 format.

Campaigns - Import Campaign List.png

Step 3: Match Column Headers

Pebble needs to know how to import your list. This is where you can select the columns so they match up with what Pebble expects. Note that only the fields marked with a red * are required.

After you've matched up your list columns, click "Import List".

Step 4: Preview Your Mailings

After uploading your list, you can preview what your offer letters will look like. Simply click the "Preview" button to download an example mailing populated with your offer data.

If you need to correct your offer template, you can do so from the templates page.

Step 5: Activate Your Campaign

When your satisfied with your campaign, click the "Activate" button. Once activated, your campaign will begin sending mail each evening according to the campaign's "Daily send count".

You can pause your campaign or edit your campaign's details at any time. Just keep in mind that each change will affect the next round of mailings.

Campaigns - Activate.png
Last updated on 7th July 2020