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How do I send my first campaign?

Let's get your offers out the door and launch your very first campaign.

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How does the daily send count work?

Each campaign has a daily send count, and this determines the number of mailings that will be sent each day once you activate your campaign. Mailers go out everyday at 2:00am UTC (7pm Pacific, 8pm Mountain, 9pm Central, and 10pm Eastern)

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How can I modify a campaign's daily send count?

You can modify the campaigns details and settings at anytime, here's how.

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What are the rates for print and mail?

Our mailers start at $0.50 per letter. No minimums, limits, or additional fees. Read here for detail print and mail rates.

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Can I import properties from a campaign that I mailed outside of Pebble REI?

You can most definitely mail properties outside of Pebble. Here's how...

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How can I update a list of properties I imported?

Re-import your list file and ensure that the APN and County match the properties that were uploaded previously. Any changes you make to the new list file will overwrite the existing property information.

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How am I billed for mailing costs of my campaigns?

Mailing costs are tallied as the campaign is dripped out. Here's how you are billed for your mailing...

How do I send a neighbor letter?

Pebble lets you easily create and mail neighbor letters for any of your properties

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