Editing Text in Elementor

Editing text in REI Landleads is very simple.

Go to Pages > All Pages.

Hover over the Home page and click Edit with Elementor.

You will then be directed to the page, with the Elementor panel showing on the left.

To edit any text simply click on it and the Elementor panel will display all your options.

As you can see in the example. You can edit the text either in the text box on the left or directly on the live preview.

You'll also see there are additional text options in the Elementor panel. Here you can choose to edit the size, categorize the HTML tag; i.e. is it a H2, H3 or just regular paragraph text etc., and also edit the alignment; left, centre, right or justified.

You can also choose to add a hyperlink to your text, although it must be for all the content in that specific block.

Once you're happy with all your changes in that particular block, click on Update to save.

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