Setting and Changing Your Email Address for Ninjaforms

Your theme comes integrated with Ninja Forms to help you capture as many leads for your property/land buying and selling site. If you need a refresher on how to use Ninja Forms that is specific to the theme you purchased, refer to the documentation below: 

Ninja Forms for REI Landlist

Ninja Forms for REI Landleads

Ninja Forms for REI Houselist

Ninja Forms for REI Houseleads

If you want to learn more about the process of setting up email notifications in Ninja Forms, the below video should also help:

Once a potential lead fills in their information, you want to ensure that you're getting the notification emails to your preferred email address. 

As a default, the email that Ninja Forms uses is the one that's listed under Administration Email Address in the General Settings of your WordPress Dashboard. They use a 'merge tag' (a type of shortcode) to pull this information (which they explain in the above video).

If you want your leads to go to a different email, you can simply change this in the Ninja Forms settings. 

Go to Ninja Forms > Dashboard in your WordPress Dashboard 

Select the form you wish to change the email address for or click the cog icon, then edit to access the settings

You'll then be directed to the Ninja Forms page.

Click on the Emails & Actions tab at the top

Click on the cog symbol on Email Confirmation

You'll then see the shortcode for the email in the 'to' box.

If you don't want the email to go to the email address listed in WordPress, you can just type your new preferred email address in the box. 

To save your changes click Publish

If you experience any difficulties changing your email address or aren't receiving the emails, refer to the Ninja Forms troubleshooting documentation  here

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