Print/Mailing + Parcel Load Rates

Print and Mail Rates

Type                          Double Window Full Window Additional Pages
B&W (Standard Class)  $0.54 $0.58 $0.07
B&W (First Class)  $0.73 $0.77 $0.07
Color Letter (Standard Class)  $0.59 $0.63 $0.09
Color Letter (First Class)  $0.76 $0.80 $0.09

Postcards Print & Mail Rate
Postcard 4x6 (First Class) $0.50
Postcard 6x9 (Standard Class) $0.52
Postcard 6x9 (First Class) $0.55

  • No minimum amount of mailings need to be sent
  • There are no other additional fees or costs to print and mailing
  • Pages billed are by the number of printed sides of a sheet, not by the number of physical pages.  Ex: 1 page double-sided printed is the same cost as 2 pages single-sided printed

Standard Print and Mailing Rates (For Starter REI Pebble Plan Only):

Standard mailing rates for the Starter plan are the discounted mailing rate + additional 5¢. Additional page charges remain the same as the Discounted Print and Mailing Rates.

Print and Mail Billing

Mailing costs are tallied as the campaign is dripped out. 

Pebble bills for mailing charges once per month at the end of your billing cycle OR when your charges reach over $500 - whichever comes first.

Map Parcel Loading (Rates)

Every property parcel loaded within our mapping tool counts towards your monthly parcel load.

Parcel loads can be done in a couple ways.

Property Map Parcel Load

First, a parcel load is counted when a single property parcel has been clicked on and the details are loaded as such within the map tool of the property page:

Mail Documents by 'Select From Map' Parcel Load

Parcel loads are also counted when selecting properties during the ' Select From Map' function when mailing a document.  

Loads are counted immediately after selecting properties and the 'Add Addresses' button has been selected.

See below:

Your first 99 parcel loads within your billing month are included free of charge under the the Solo, Team, Pro plan.  

After your 99th parcel load, you will be charged per parcel load depending on the number of loads.  

See rates below:

Plan Included Monthly (Free) 1-199 Records 200-499 Records 500+ Records
Starter Not Available Not Available Not Available Not Available
Solo 49 $0.15 $0.13 $0.12
Team 99 $0.15 $0.13 $0.12
Pro 99 $0.15 $0.13 $0.12