Sending Neighbor Letters

Generating the Mailers 

Go to Settings in your Pebble Dashboard, select Templates, then click on Add Template 

Under Neighbor Letter, click Add Template 

By clicking on the Edit icon next to Template, you can give your template a name of your choosing; we've just kept it as Neighbor Letter for the purposes of this demo.

Next, tailor your document to your liking, you may want to add a logo and change placeholders, etc.  

Once you've customized your document, you can then click  preview to view it. It will automatically download as a PDF

If you're happy, click Save to save your template. You'll then be able to see it under Templates

Next, go to Properties in your Pebble Dashboard

Filter your properties using the filter options on the top part of the screen. In this example, we want to filter properties using the Renegotiation tag. 

Click on the property's code. 

Select Images, and then upload images of the property by dragging and dropping them into the space provided (these will feature at the bottom of the Neighbor Letter per your template)

Select  Documents, then Generate Document. 

Select Neighbor Letter 

You'll then need to add some data; some information will already be filled out but you'll need to add key details like the property's assessed value (your offer)

You can also review the images you previously uploaded.

Once you're finished viewing the preview, click  Save.

Your neighbor's letter will then be generated.

Sending the Mailers 

Once your mailer is in front of you, you can select Send Mailing to send out your mailers. 

You'll then be presented with your mailing options: 

Mail Type: First class or standard 

Print Type: Color or Black & White 

Address Placement: Choose to insert it on a blank page or the top corner of your letter

Double Sided: Select Yes or No 

Return Address: Your address; you can change this in the settings or on this form directly if you only want to make a one-time change

Destination Address: Address your mailer is going to. To add a new address, click on Add Address in the bottom left. 

Once you're finished, click  Send to send your Mailers

By using the Choose option, you can opt to send out the document to someone associated with the property. 

By using the Upload CSV File option, you can upload a list of specific addresses that you'd like the document to be sent to

By using the Select From Map option, you'll be taken to a map in which you can select one or more properties to send the document. 

In order to pick more than one parcel of land, press Shift and left-click the mouse once simultaneously. Then, move your mouse (without clicking) across the parcels of land that you would like to choose. Please keep in mind that you can only choose 1000 parcels or less at a time.

You'll be able to see the properties that you selected in the parcel selector map. If you feel satisfied with the properties you selected, press submit. 

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