Importing Previously Mailed Properties from Outside Pebble

Importing previously mailed properties is as easy as importing your property list. In this article, you'll learn how to import previously mailed properties outside Pebble.

Adding a New Campaign

To import a previously mailed campaign, go to Campaigns in your Pebble dashboard and select Add Campaign. Fill out the details of the campaign and hit Save.

Adding a new campaign

Importing Mailed Campaign

Import your data as if you were importing a mailing list.

Click Browse to get the mailing list. Hit Upload.

Importing the previously mailed campaign
Send mailers or delete the campaign. If you don't want to send mailers to this list through Pebble, you can delete the campaign.
Note: Any properties that are part of that campaign will still stay listed on the properties page.

Though deletion is an option, Pebble recommends not to delete campaigns. This is because Pebble has the ability to sort properties by specific imported campaign and it's a great identifier. Nevertheless, the choice is yours and as we mentioned above, deleting a campaign won't delete the properties you have listed on the properties page. 

Deleting the Campaign

To go ahead with deletion, go to the Campaign and click on the three dots to the right.

You will be given the option to Split Campaign or Delete Campaign. Confirm the deletion by clicking Delete Campaign.

Deleting a campaign

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