Generating and Mailing Documents

Pebble lets you generate and send documents quickly and easily. In this article, you'll learn how to add a new template, copy templates, understand the placeholder tags, mail, and generate a new document.

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Adding a Template

You may want to add a template to your existing templates. To do this; navigate to Settings on the left sidebar menu. On the right side panel, you'll be presented with a variety of document templates that are available for your account.

In case you are on the Contacts page, simply click Templates.

Click Add Template. The different templates will be displayed. 

In this example, we'll be using the Blind Offer Letter. Click Add template to the selected template.

Adding a template

Once you're in the template, give it a name that'll make it easy for you to identify under the Template name. You can do this by clicking the Edit icon next to Template. Rename the template and click Save.

Renaming the template

Now you can move to the main body of the document. 

The top section of the document has a range of options to help you with formatting and customization. You can add pictures, tables, and placeholders

The address area is a space where you can add your address, and this can be toggled on and off as you require.


Placeholders are pieces of text that will be replaced when you generate a document for a specific property. 

The template editor has many placeholders, which are explained as follows:

  • Price: Represents an offer price for one or more properties. 
  • Price Words: Same as "price" but spelled out in words.
  • Campaign > Mailer Code: Represents the campaign's mailer code.
  • Property: Placeholders that have to do with a property, such as APN, Acerage, Legal Description, County Name, etc. 
  • Seller: Placeholders that have to do with the property seller such as Name, Phone, Address ZIP, etc. 
  • Buyer: Placeholders that have to do with the property buyer.
  • Dates: Placeholders for easily generating dates, ranging from the current date to the current date plus 180 days. 

Clicking the right arrow next to the placeholder displays other options.

Once you've made all the changes to your template, click Preview. 

If you did not add placeholders at this point, the document will just generate some dummy data so you can see what the final document could look like. The file will be downloaded as a PDF automatically.

If you're happy with the document and the placeholders, click Save Changes.

Copying a Template

Find the template you wish to copy by going to Settings > Templates in your Pebble dashboard.

Click Edit Template on your preferred document.  On the top right-hand side of the screen, you'll see three small dots. Click on it and select Copy

You'll then see a notification at the top of the screen verifying the copy was successful. 

Copying a template

Generating a New Document

Once you have all your property document templates prepared, you can assign them to individual properties. To do this;

  1. Navigate to Properties in the left sidebar menu of the Pebble dashboard.
  2. Locate the property you want to assign a template to and click on it.
Locating a property
  1. Scroll down to the Attachments section. Click the +Generate Document buttonYou'll be presented with a model showing all your templates and the option to upload a new one.
Generating a document inside a property page
  1. Select the document you wish to generate. You'll then see the document generated with all the appropriate placeholder text imported. To generate placeholder text for additional property, click the +Add button next to the Properties.
Adding a property to a newly generated document

Also, by clicking on the "x" next to the property, you'll be removing that property and the placeholders associated with it in the template. 

You can also directly edit placeholders by simply clicking on them on the left-hand side:

  1. When you're ready, click Save Document to save and generate the document.

You'll then see your generated document. You can download the document to your computer or mail your document by following the steps below.

Mailing a document

Any PDF document can be mailed to one or more recipients. Open a document and click on the +Send New button to add it to your mail queue. 

You'll be redirected to a page that lets you select some options before sending.

Mail Type: First class or standard 

Print Type: Color or Black & White 

Address Placement: Choose to insert it on a blank page or the top corner of your letter

Double-Sided: Select Yes or No

Return Address: Your address

Recipient Address: The address your mailer is going to. To add a new address, choose one of the three options (Choose, Upload CSV File, Select From Map).

Once you're finished, click Send to send your Mailers

By using the Choose option, you opt to send out the document to someone associated with the document's properties. 

By using the Upload CSV File option, you can upload a list of specific addresses that you'd like the document to be sent.

By using the Select From Map option, you'll be taken to a map in which you can select one or more properties to send the document. 

In order to pick more than one parcel of land, press Shift and left-click the mouse once simultaneously. Then, move your mouse (without clicking) across the parcels of land that you would like to choose.

Note: Please keep in mind that you can only choose 1000 parcels or less at a time.

You'll be able to see the properties that you selected in the parcel selector map. If you feel satisfied with the properties you selected, press Submit

Generating a Document for Multiple Properties 

If you have a seller who wants to sell you two properties, you can generate a document for multiple properties in a few steps. 

  1. Go to the Deal Boards > Seller Deals tab on the left sidebar menu of the Pebble dashboard.
  2. Click on the Seller. The Deals window of that seller will open.
Selection of seller to add a document to
  1. Navigate to the Properties section, and click the three dots. Click Add Document. The different templates will be displayed.
Adding a document

Once you click the "Add Document" button, you can follow the steps above, outlined in Generating a New Document (step no. 4) and Mailing a Document

Note: The above also works the same under the Buyers tab too.

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