Changing Your Plan

Pebble subscribers can change their subscription level, features, or billing arrangements to fit their changing needs. In this article, you will learn how you can change your subscription plan so you can pick the plan of your choice and select add-on features.

  1. Navigate to your profile account on the top left sidebar menu.
  2. Navigate to Billing in the top-right-hand corner. The Billing Information window will open.
  3. Navigate to Your Subscription section. Click Change Plan. A new window will open with more information about changing your subscription.
Navigating to the Billing Information going to the Subscription section

Change Your Subscription Section

Here are the actions that you can do inside the Change Your Subscription section:

Pick your plan

  1. Pick your plan - tick your choice amongst the available plans.
    1. Starter Plan - includes essential CRM tools for those just getting started.
    2. Growth Plan - includes advanced tools for an individual investor
    3. Scale Plan - Full-featured CRM for teams chasing massive growth.
  2. Switch to the toggle if you wish to be billed monthly or annually.  Your package summary will be displayed on the right-side panel. 
  3. Once you selected your preferred plan, agree with the Terms of Service by ticking the box along with your package summary.
  4. Click the Purchase button.  
Subscription plan selection

Select Add-Ons

You may want to experience more about our product by clicking the box on one of our add-ons features. 

Selecting Add-Ons
  • LandList Website - Launch your website and sell land property
  • LandLeads Website - Launch your website and generate seller leads

Note: Pebble will prorate your bill accordingly and make any adjustments.

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