Updating Your Imported List of Properties

To import a list go into Campaigns and select your chosen campaign

Click on Import List

Click on browse to select the file and then click Upload

Anytime you import a property this way, Pebble will check to see if that property already exists in your Pebble account. It does this by checking the property's county and APN (Assessor's Parcel Number) in the import list to what you already have connected to Pebble. 

This means you'll never end up with duplicate listings, and instead, any additional property information will just migrate over to the existing property.
For example, let's say you have an existing property in Monterey County, CA with the APN "1234". If you upload a new list for Monterey County and one of your rows has the APN 1234, Pebble will not create a new property. Instead, it will simply update the existing property with any new data from the newly imported list.