Adding Custom Property Fields

Property fields are text fields that show up for every single property record inside Pebble. They can be filled out manually, or by importing data from your list. Each property field belongs to a property section. In this article, you'll learn how to add custom property fields.

Property Fields

Each property field and section can be edited straight from the property's page.

To do this; navigate to Properties on the left sidebar menu. Click on a property to access your account's custom fields. 

Going to a property to access account's custom fields

Inside the property page, scroll down to the Fields section and click the Manage Fields button to edit ALL of your property field sections (this excludes the Owner, Seller Leads and Buyer Leads sections since they are there by default).

Going to the Fields and Manage Fields section

Adding a Section and Fields

Click the Add Section button to create your own custom fields.  After clicking on Add Section, you'll be asked to name the section. Click Save. A new window will open for the first custom field.

Adding a new section

Once the section has been saved, it will open the Add Field window.

Fill out the first custom field. Name the field and select the type by clicking the dropdown arrow under the Type field. Click Save.

Among its data types, you can choose:

  • Single-line text,
  • Multi-line text
  • Checkbox
  • Date
  • Time
  • Number
  • Currency
Adding the first custom field

Editing/Deleting a Section or Field

To edit a section, select from the list of sections to edit. Click the Edit icon. 

Edit the section title, and click Save or click Delete Section to delete it.

Editing and deleting a section

To edit a field, open a section. Select from the list of fields to edit, the Edit Field window will open. Rename the field and click Save, or click Delete Field to delete it.

Editing and deleting a field inside a section

Placeholder Tags

Anything filled out in your custom fields can be automatically merged onto a document template by way of placeholder tags. Placeholder tags are added in Settings by choosing a template. To view your account's custom fields on your template editor, click on Add Placeholders > Property: 

Adding custom fields in the placeholder tags

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