Adding Custom Property Fields

Here at Pebble, we understand that every land investor runs their business slightly differently and that you may want to add custom fields to your property listings. 

Everything you fill out in your property fields will then become visible once you go to Properties and click on your selected property in the Pebble Dashboard as you can see below:

To customize your property fields, click on Settings in your Pebble Dashboard

Then, click on Property Fields in the top right corner

You'll then be presented with all your property stages and fields. In the below GIF, you can see all the preset default fields that already come with Pebble. You can edit them as you like. 

To add a new section, scroll to the bottom and click Add Section

Then, give your new section a title and click on Create Section

From there, you'll then be prompted to add a field. If you're modifying an existing section, you can just click on  Add Field

Type in the name of the field, then select what type of field it will be. I.e. a dropdown, checkbox, currency, etc.

Then click Create Field

You'll then see the new field appear in your Properties list, click on Edit Section to modify the details

Then you can fill out the field and click Save Changes

You'll then see the information displayed on the property listing. For a more in-depth discussion on the different options for adding custom property fields,  check out this explainer video we put together as part of the August Pebble update.