Follow Up Boss Integration

Follow Up Boss (FUB) is a very popular follow-up system that allows you to automate marketing to your buyer lead and we suggest you use this in conjunction with the Property Content Lock which is powered by Ninja Forms.

In this article, we will show you how to integrate your Ninja Forms directly into your Follow Up Boss. As a bonus, you will not need to use third-party integration software (like Zapier) and directly send your leads to Follow Up Boss.

This works by using FUB's email parser, when a lead submits their information, it then gets forwarded directly to FUB in a "formatted" email which FUB can read and pull out the required information that it needs for the lead to run your automation.

You will need to add what FUB calls a Format which is simply text in an automatic email that goes from Ninja forms carrying your lead's information to FUB. Follow Up Boss has a Full Format and a Short Format. For more detailed info, please read these formats here.

To set this up, please log in to your WordPress Admin Dashboard and go to Ninja Forms.

In this article, we will use the Property Content Lock form as a recommended example. Click on the title Property Content Lock Form, it will take you to edit the form.

Now, click on Emails & ActionsAdmin Email.

Enter in your Follow Up Boss email address which is provided to you by in the TO and replace what is inside of the EMAIL MESSAGE with either the Full or the Short Format from Followup Boss along with appropriate {merge tags}.

Here is the example of the Full Format with REI Landlist's form merge tags entered so that the merge tags populate with whatever your buyer lead enters.

Name: {field:rei_name}
Email: {field:rei_email}
Source: Your Landlist Website - Property Content Lock Form
Notes: {field:rei_property-note}

NOTE The Source is a label you can create your own so you will know which form the leads came from - this can even be blank. No merge tags are needed for this. We just used Your Landlist Website - Property Content Lock Form as an example.

You can always look for merge tags by clicking the list icon.

Once done, hit Done and Publish to save changes.

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