Adding Team Members

Adding Team Members

By adding members to your team, you'll be able to communicate, tag, and assign tasks to each other in Pebble. All communications for select properties will be kept in the activity section of a property. 

To add a team member, go to Account in your Pebble Dashboard, then click on Team in the top right. 

Type in your team member's email address and under Role, select whether they'll just be a team member or have admin access. Then select Send Invite.

You'll then see your team member appear under Pending Invitations. Once they accept, they'll be moved to the team members section. 

The great thing about REI pebble is that one of your team members can also be a team member on other REI Pebble accounts. For example, if you hire a VA for your land investing business, they may also be working as a VA for another land investing business too, and if they use Pebble, they can access the different teams from their one Pebble account. You can also be added to other people's Pebble accounts too. 

To switch between teams, simply click on your account at the bottom left of the Pebble Dashboard and select Switch Teams

You'll then be presented with a dropdown of all the teams you're a part of

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