Using Opt-In Pages

ATTENTION If you're an existing REI Landlist customer before 2022, your site won't automatically update with these new landing pages. Please email to make a request and follow the instructions on how to install them

The REI Landlist theme now comes with four pre-built opt-in pages designed to help capture leads for your land selling business. These are great if you're giving away an ebook, webinar, or anything else in exchange for a name and email. The pages are minimalistic in design and don't feature a menu bar meaning less distraction for the visitor and more conversions for you.

To find and customize your opt-in pages, head to PagesAll Pages in your WordPress Admin Dashboard

You'll then see the four opt-in pages. Here are the designs of each opt-in page below:

Option 1 

Option 2 

Option 3 

Option 4

Hover over the opt-in page you want to customize and select Edit with Elementor

You'll then be taken to the live editor.

From here you can customize anything on the page. The opt-in form itself will already be linked with your Ninja forms. If you need a refresher on how to use Ninja forms, click here. You can use different landing pages for different products or use the varying designs for A/B testing for your business - whichever suits you best. If you need a refresh on how to edit pages in Elementor, click here

Once you've made the changes and are happy, click on Update to save.

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