Property Maps

On all of your property pages, you'll see a map section where you can include the location of your property.

Adding coordinates to the property detail

If your property does not have coordinates imported during the campaign creation steps, you can manually add coordinates to your property and locate the property on the map.

1. On the property details, simply click ' Edit Map

2. Type the coordinates in the ' Search' field and hit 'Enter'. Choose a parcel of land, click on Set Boundary, and hit 'Save Changes

Note: The formatting of your coordinates should be latitude comma longitude with no spaces (e.g. 48.704060,18.396170).

Editing existing coordinates

When importing your properties to REI Pebble, if you include coordinates in your CSV file, an automatic one-acre square will appear around the center of these coordinates as you can see below:

You can then go to Properties > Map > Edit Map in your REI Pebble Dashboard to customize the outline shape of your parcel. 

Click on a parcel of land and click on Set Boundary to establish the boundaries of this property. Then, click on Save Changes to save the selected boundary.

If you have a KML file with existing properties, you can upload them, as well.

You can also drag the dots to customize the shape to your liking. You may need to zoom in on the map to get more detail.

Once you're done, click on Save Changes

Once this is done, you may want to download a KML file which you can then upload to Google Earth and you'll be able to source 3D imaging of your property to add to your marketing material. To download the file, simply click on Download KML and follow the Google Earth instructions here

**PRO TIP: You can also take a screenshot of your map and add that to your marketing images too, so potential buyers also have an aerial view of the property**

* Sidenote: Please keep in mind that uploading a KML file with existing properties will be considered pulling properties with the parcel selector and will be added to the parcel load charge*

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