Re-Creating and Re-Sending a Campaign

From time to time you may want to retarget certain campaigns, especially if it's been a while since you last reached out to them. You may be considering changing your offer to grab their attention, or just making another attempt to make some conversions. Whatever your reasons, here's how to re-create and re-send an existing campaign using REI Pebble. 

Go to Properties on your REI Pebble Dashboard

Click on  Acquisition. Then, click on Select Campaign.

After selecting your desired campaign, click on Exclude All. This will filter out all the properties you never got a reply from. 

Under Campaign, select the Campaign you want to retarget. 

Next, click on the checkbox in the top left to select all the properties. Click Create Campaign. 

You can now fill out the details of the campaign, you may just want to call it [campaign name] retarget 1, for example. 

Once you're happy with the campaign details, select Create Campaign

Next, you may want to adjust the offer of the retargeted properties. 

Click on the checkbox again to select all the properties. Then, under Action, select Adjust Offer Price

You can now adjust the price by dollar amount, percentage, or price per acre. In the example below, I've adjusted the price by 10%. Once you're happy, click on Adjust X Offers

Click Activate Campaign and your mailers will go out.