Common Issues Uploading Your List

There are a few reasons why your list may not be uploading properly to Pebble.

Some of the common reasons why your list may not be uploading properly are listed here:

Your list is not a CSV file

Make sure to save your Property List as a CSV File. (*.csv)

Save your Excel file as a CSV file format. View the link to see how to convert an Excel file into a .csv format:

For Google Sheets, please be sure to export it as a .csv format file. 

Your list uses a legacy Excel format

Microsoft Excel can export CSV files in a variety of different formats, make sure to select " CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited) (.csv)" when saving your list.

Selection of correct file format

Your list does not contain column headers in the first row

Make sure that your CSV file contains your column headers in the first row. Any other text or information in that first row will create an error when uploading your list.

APNs are formatted as exponential numbers

Commonly, APN numbers can be formatted as an exponential number, rather than a text field, causing rows to have duplicate APNs.

Pebble treats a property as unique based on its county and APN. When it sees a duplicate APN, it'll assume you want to update the record that already exists.

If you're using Excel, make sure the column is set to "text", and not "general" or "number". Then when you save as a CSV, it should come out correct.

Illustration of proper format

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