Pebble Dashboard

Pebble now allows you to get a snapshot of how your business is performing through the Dashboard. The data shown on the dashboard will help you gain insight as to whether your business is making revenue and how far off or close you are to your set targets. 

In this article, we will show you the components of the dashboard so you can best use the data to your advantage. 

Date Filters

First off, sort the data in your Dashboard by a certain time frame: 

  • Past 30 days
  • This week
  • This month
  • This year
  • All-time, or
  • Select the date preference
Setting date filters


Under the Summary table, you'll find an overview of the deals that you have added and the resulting ROI from the properties that you had acquired within the time frame you had specified.

Dashboard summary

Note: In order for your metrics populate correctly, ensure you are filling in as many of the data fields as possible when you are marking your properties Purchased and Sold.

If you click the ROI link you'll get taken to the ROI Numbers table at the bottom of your Dashboard. This will give you a more granular look at the metrics associated with each property that you had acquired and sold over the specified period of time.

Deals Added

The Deals Added chart will show Deals that you had created over a period of time. If you have multiple Deal Boards, you'll see the bar graph assign a certain colour to each Board.

Deals added

Campaign Report

Next is a summary of all of your Campaigns. The data will alter depending on the timeline selected. In this field you'll see the average of the following categories:

  • Letters Sent   - An overall total of all the mail you sent.
  • Total Deals - The number of deals that had been created from the initiated campaigns.
  • Response Rate - The average number of sellers who have responded to you. It's calculated by the number of seller leads who responded, out of the total number of letters that were sent. 
  • ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) - Your ads will be evaluated here to see how effective they are. This is calculated by dividing the revenue from a Campaign / cost of a Campaign.

Aside from the Dashboard, the response rate can also now be viewed per 'Campaign'.

Campaigns page to view the response rate.

Communication Report

The Communication Report will show you an overview of the SMS, calls, and emails sent through Pebble over a given time frame. You can select the Filter by team member dropdown to view the Communication Report by a certain team members activity:

ROI Numbers

At the bottom of your Dashboard you'll find a table with the ROI of the properties you have purchased within the filter dates of your Dashboard.

ROI Numbers chart

In order for the ROI metrics in this chart to be as accurate as possible, fill out as much information as you can when you are marking the property Purchased and Sold.

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