Pebble Dashboard

Pebble now allows you to get a snapshot of how your business is performing through the Dashboard. The data shown on the dashboard will definitely help you gain an insight as to whether your business is making revenue and how far off or close you are to your set targets. 

In this article, we will show you the components of the dashboard so you can best use the data to your advantage. 

First off, you can sort the data by timeline: 

  • Past 30 days
  • Year-to-date
  • All-time

Campaign Summary

Next is a summary of all of your Campaigns. The data will alter depending on the timeline selected. In this field you'll see the average of the following categories:

  • Mailings Sent   - an overall total of all the mail you sent

  • Response Rate - the average number of sellers who have responded to you. It's calculated by the number of seller leads who responded, out of the total number of letters that were sent. 

Aside from the Dashboard, the response rate can also now be viewed per 'Campaign'

  • Purchase Rate - number of properties you purchased out of the number of properties you mailed out to. It's calculated by: the seller lead tagged as 'Won' divided by the total number of mailers that were sent out. 

So, if you ended up buying the property, once you tag it as 'Won', it will be included in the computation of the Purchase rate. 

Property Summary

Now, let's move on to the Property Summary. From here, you will see how much you have spent to purchase a property and how much profit you have earned and the amount of time it takes for a property to get sold. 

Here's a breakdown of the components:

  • Purchased - Total number of properties purchased (Won)

  • Sold - The total number of properties you have marked as Sold

  • Net Profit  - The difference from the total dollar amount of 'Sold' properties minus the amount spent on the 'Purchased' properties. 

  • Average Hold Time - The amount of time it takes for a property to be sold from the day you purchased or acquired the property. 


Next you will see a graphic representation of the following:

Total Mailings sent per Day 

Monthly Revenue 
The pink bar represents the amount spent on purchasing the property while the green bar represents how much the properties were sold for the month. 

Property Overview

This map will show you the location of properties that you Purchased (Red Pin) and Sold (Green Pin).

You may click the 'pin' to view the specific detail of the property.