Using the Built-In Blog Template

REI Landleads comes with a built in blog template so that you can publish blogs to your website without worrying about the stylization aspect 

To gain access to this feature, ensure that your site has the latest version of REI Landleads. 

Setting Up the Blog Page

Next, create a page for your blog. Do this by going to Pages > Add New in your WordPress Dashboard. 

Name the page and click Publish to save changes. In this example, I've just named it 'Blog'

Once the page is created. Head to Settings > Reading in your WordPress Dashboard

Under Your Homepage Displays, ensure that A static page is selected, and under Posts Page select Blog

Once you're finished, click Save Changes

Adding the Blog Page to the Menu 

Now, you need to add the blog page to your menu so people can access it from the navigation bar.

To do this, go to Appearance > Menu on your WordPress Dashboard

On the left, you'll see all the pages you've created. 

Click the check box and then press Add to Menu

The Blog page will now appear in your main menu. 

Click Save Menu. The page will now show up in the navigation bar. 

Adding Posts 

Now that everything is set up, it's time to add your posts

Go to Posts > All Posts on your WordPress Dashboard 

To create a new blog post, simply click on Add New 

You can then fill out the title and the contents of the blog post as you wish. 

We recommend doing this in the WordPress editor and not Elementor. 

You can add the title, subheading, category, tags, and more under the post tab on the right-hand side. The post tab is essentially the same as the document tab you use on your properties, refer to this section of the documentation if you need a refresher on how to use it.

Once you're finished. Click on Publish to save changes. 

Installing Demo Blog Content 

If you want to install the REI Conversion demo blog content to your site, you can do so by using this XML data. This is perfect if you'd like the structure and layout of your blog to already be done for you. 

To install the content, go to Tools > Import on your WordPress Dashboard

Under WordPress, click Install Now.

Next, click Run Importer. It's at the top of the page and underneath WordPress

Now, click Choose File and select the XML file you just downloaded from Dropbox. Now, click Update file and import.

You'll then be prompted to assign an author to the posts. You can either create a new user for this, or use one of your existing users by clicking on the dropdown. 

Once this is completed, click Submit

Your demo posts will now appear under Posts > All Posts on your WordPress Dashboard. 

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