Uploading a List with Multiple Counties

Typically creating a campaign or importing properties for multiple counties require a FIPS code (this should be provided by most major list providers - do check with your list providers as it sometimes can be an optional column).  If you do not have a FIPS code, here's . We do this to simplify the importing process. 

Here's how to import a list that has properties across multiple counties: 

  1. On your CSV property list, add a column named "_county_id". Be sure to type it all in lower case. Pebble can only read it as a code when the texts are in lower case. 
  2. In that column, enter the county using the format " {{county}}_{{state abbreviation}}". 

For example: " santa_fe_nm", "baker_fl" or "st_johns_fl". 

3. Now, when uploading the list into a campaign, just select a random county. Pebble will use the county specified in your spreadsheet instead.

Here's a trick that will automatically populate the whole column. Use the following formula in your spreadsheet software to quickly combine the County and State abbreviation in the format that REI Pebble requires in a single column:

	<strong>=lower(concatenate([county field],"_",[state field]))</strong>

Note that this formula will only work if the state column is already in an abbreviated format.