Tagging Properties

Tagging properties gives you the flexibility to categorize your properties. For example, mark properties for re-mailing or tag properties with a bad address. In this article, you'll learn how to tag properties, filter properties based on tags, and edit the existing tags.

Navigate to Properties on the left sidebar menu and choose a property you would like to tag by clicking the APN.

Choosing a property by clicking the APN

Tagging a Property

Once the property is open, click the Tag icon. The different tags will pop up. Choose from the list of tags by ticking the box.

Choosing tags

Searching or Creating a Tag

If you don't have any tags or you would simply like to create a new one, all you have to do is click on the Search or Create Tag box. Start typing the name of your new tag and hit the  Enter button once you're done.

Searching or creating a new tag

Editing a Tag

Also, you can edit each tag you created. Click the Edit icon next to a tag you want to edit. This will open a new window that allows you to edit the name or change the color of your tag. Click Save Tag once finished, or click Delete Tag if you want to delete the tag.

Editing a tag

Another helpful feature is that you can assign multiple tags to each property.

Selection of multiple tags

Filtering Properties According to Tags

If you want to see the list of properties based on their tags, click the Properties tab on the left sidebar menu; the list of properties will be displayed. Go to the Filter section on the right-side panel and click the Tag button. Check one or more boxes to select existing tags or view properties with those specific tags.

Filtering properties based on tags

Bulk Tagging Properties

You can bulk-tag all of your properties. To do this, first, select all of the desired properties by clicking the checkbox before each of them. Then, click on the Edit Tags icon.

Selection of multiple properties to tag

If you choose to, you can also select all of the properties by clicking on the very first checkbox, followed by Select All. Click Edit Tags.

Selection of all properties to tag

Afterwards, you'll get an option to add or remove a specific tag to the property group you just selected. To add a tag, click the dropdown arrow on Select Tag next to Add Tag and choose the desired tag. To remove a tag, click on Select Tag next to Remove Tag. After selecting the desired tag, click on Update Properties.

Updating the properties' tags

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