Pebble makes it easy for you to track all the activities that need to be done as a part of your acquisition and sales cycle. This article will guide how you can manage your tasks.

Deals Selection

Log in to your Pebble account. Navigate to the "Deals" section. Choose the desired deal board from the left sidebar menu (e.g., "Seller Deals").

Selection of Deals

Stage Selection

Select from the stages on the right-side panel where you want to create a task or tasks list. Click the three dots in the upper-right corner of the selected stage to view the Stage Actions. Select Automations. The Stage Automations window will open.

Selection of Stage when to add an automation

Click the dropdown menu under the Add new automation button; select Add task list. Select the Task list template; you can choose to create a checklist or select a template, for example, the My First List template. Click Save.

Adding new automation

Now, whenever a deal is moved to that specific stage, the tasks included in the task list will be automatically generated.

Following these steps will help you create a task list in Pebble, ensuring that relevant tasks are automatically added when deals progress to the designated stage.

Viewing tasks

To view the tasks created; go to the stage where the tasks list was added. Open a deal. The list of tasks will be displayed.

Viewing the tasks list

Tasks Management Inside a Deal

With Pebble, you can add, delete, and edit the task list of each of your seller deals.

Creating/ adding your own task list

To start adding tasks, first, you need to create a task list. Depending on your tasks, your list can be as short or as long as you want it.

Open the deal where you want to add tasks. Click the Add List button.  Click the Add Blank List button. Fill out the checklist field and click Add.

Adding tasks list

Add the task title and hit Save.

Putting the title on the task list

Once you're finished adding checklists and tasks to your seller leads, you can go back to the Deal board. You can view from the board the number of tasks assigned to them and their progress.

Viewing the number of tasks assigned

Deleting a task list

You can always delete unnecessary tasks whenever you want. Go to the tasks list. Click the three dots in the upper-right corner. Select Delete. The Delete List window will pop up. Confirm the deletion by clicking Delete List.

Editing tasks inside a deal

Keep in mind that you can edit a checklist before saving it once you choose to save a checklist as a template. For example, you can change the name of your checklist, and add or remove tasks.

Just click the three dots on the right side of the task title and select Edit.

Edit the necessary information, such as task title, checklist, due date, and assignee. Hit Save.

Editing a task inside a deal

Assigning a task to a team member

You can now add a team member to a task; all you need to do is navigate to the Deal boards and click a deal inside a stage. The tasks available will pop up, just click the Person+ icon, and add a team member.

Adding an assignee to a task

Saving a task list as a template

It is essential to point out that, with Pebble, you don't always have to create checklists from scratch. For example, if your due diligence checklist is always the same, you can save it as a template.

Just click the three dots on the right side of the task title. Select Save as Template.

Click Save to confirm. To use your saved list, click on the Add List button and select your template. It will automatically appear under your tasks.

Saving a task list as a template

Assigning a due date

You can also assign a due date to each task. Just click on any task. Select the due date. Click the Save button. The due date will be displayed next to the task.

Assigning a due date

Note: If you don't complete the task by the due date, it will be marked as "overdue."

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