Pebble makes it easy for you to track all your individual  tasks - activities that need to be done as a part of your acquisition and sales cycle.

With Pebble, you can  add tasks and due dates for each of your seller leads.

Here's a video showing you how to do that: 

And, here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Log in to your Pebble acount and head to the Sellers board. Here you can see all your seller leads across multiple stages.

Click on one of your seller leads to open them and go to the Tasks panel.

To start adding tasks, first, you need to create a task list. Click on the Add List button, and a small new window will appear. Here, you can insert the name of your task list. Click the Add Blank List button after naming your list.

Once you do so, you will be able to start adding tasks to your list. Click on the Add New Task option and write down your task. Then, click the Add button or press the Enter key on your keyboard to add the task to your list. Everyone has a different way of doing things. Depending on your individual tasks, your list can be as short or as long as you want it.

You can mark each task as complete or incomplete simply by clicking on the checkbox next to the task.

In addition to adding tasks to your checklist, you can also assign a due date to each task. To do so, click on any task, select the due date, and click the Save button. The due date will be displayed next to your task, as well as the number of days left to complete the task.

If you don't complete the task by the due date, it will be marked as "overdue."

It is essential to point out that, with REI Pebble, you don't always have to create checklists from scratch. For example, if your due diligence checklist is always the same, you can save it as a template. To do so, click the menu next to the name of your checklist and then Save as Template.

Keep in mind that you can edit a checklist before saving it once you choose to save a checklist as a template. For example, you can change the name of your checklist, add or remove tasks, and set the number of days out.

The Days Out feature is helpful for the tasks that always need to be done within a certain number of days. Once you enter the number of Days Out, Pebble will automatically set the due date (based on that number of days out) every time you use your template.

To use your saved list, click on the Add List button and select your template. It will automatically appear under your tasks.

Once you finish adding checklists and tasks to your seller leads, you can go back to the Sellers board. You can see from the board whether your leads have any tasks assigned to them and your current progress.

REI Pebble also allows you to automatically add checklists when you move a lead to a particular stage. Let's say that you want your Due Diligence Checklist to be assigned only when you move a lead to the Due Diligence Stage.

To do so, click on the menu next to the Due Diligence Stagechoose Automations, and click on Add Automation

Once you click on Add Automation, a new window will appear. Click on the dropdown menu on the left and choose Add Task List. You can choose one of all your saved templates from the dropdown menu on the right. Once you select the desired template, click Save.

When you add a new seller, by clicking the Add Seller button, a new window that allows you to enter seller details will open. Here you can enter the seller's name, email, phone number, and assign tasks and move a seller to a new stage simply by clicking on the stage.

In our case, we want to move the seller to the Due Diligence Stage so the Due Diligence Checklist would be automatically assigned to them. To do this, simply click on the Due Diligence button. And, there you go! Your automated checklist will be there.