Mailing Statuses and Delivery Tracking

When a mailing campaign is activated, the mailer will go through several statuses in order. 

Let's break down each status.

'Not Mailed' Status

This is the default step after activating a campaign. All mailings are Not Mailed until they are processed during an upcoming batch (determined by the Daily Send Count).

'Submitted' Status 

'Submitted' mailings have been sent to our print & mail house, but have not yet been printed and mailed yet. Mailings will stay in the submitted status until they are printed and mailed or determined to be undeliverable.

Submitted mailings will be processed within 1-3 business days. Mailings submitted on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will typically be processed the following business days (Monday/Tuesday).

'Processed' Status

"Processed' mailings have already been printed out by our mail house and are waiting to be delivered by USPS. Processed mailings are typically mailed within the next 1-5 business days.

'Mailed' Status

The 'Mailed' status means that the mailing has been printed and mailed out.

'Failed' Status

The 'Failed' status means that the mailing has failed to deliver. Hover over the "Failed" badge for more details. Typically this is due to an undeliverable address.

Previewing and Tracking Your Mailing

Once the status has changed to 'Mailed', you can track your mailing and view the expected date of delivery as well as see tracking information. 


Please keep in mind that USPS takes 1-3 business days to send out the mail and 3-5 business days to have it delivered. Business days mean that Saturdays and Sundays don't count.