Using Property Search Filters

Property search filters are a convenient way of filtering out your properties based on specific criteria. In this article, you'll learn exactly how to move your way around the search filters. 

Click on the Properties tab on the left-hand side of the screen.

Using the search bar, find a property by typing a name, Mailer code, or APN.

You can also filter property in a variety of ways. 

Field filter:

You can filter your properties by different fields using this filter. You can search by the default Pebble fields, or by selecting different  custom fields. To search by a custom field, click on the "Select Fields" button that is right above the acreage.

After clicking the button, you'll see a list of all your custom fields. Click the toggle switch to add them to your filters list. 

Choose all the fields you want to use to filter properties and they will immediately appear

Acquisition Filter:

With this filter, you can filter properties based on campaign, seller, offer, or purchase.

Each section has an Include All and Exclude All button that can be used to filter properties with or without the accompanying association. For example, to see all properties that do not have an associated seller, click the Exclude All button next to Sellers. Conversely, the Include All button will show only properties that include an associated seller. The same applies to campaigns, offers, or purchases. 

Disposition filter:

The Disposition filter is very similar to the Acquisition filter. 
With this filter, you can filter out your properties based on Buyer and Sales.

County filter:

You can use this filter to search for properties based on one or more specific counties. To do this, simply click on the  checkbox that's next to the county you want to filter by.

Tag filter: 

With this filter, you can filter out properties based on the tags that you have assigned to them.

Save Searches 

To save your searches, you can do so by clicking on the Saved Searches button. 

First, you'll need to filter your properties. For example, we want to use a County filter to list all our properties in Arizona County. Head to the County filter, select all the desired counties and click on the Saved Searches button. Then, type in the name of your search and click Save. In the example below, we're creating a saved search for all Arizona properties.

Next time you open your properties, you'll be able to find all your Arizona properties simply by clicking on the Saved Searches button and choosing the saved search.

Keep in mind that you can save searches for any set of filters that you have.

Clear Filters:

You can remove your current selected filters by clicking on Clear Filters