Stage Automations

Stage automation allows you to manage your leads automatically, whenever they enter a new stage. This article is applicable to both Buyer and Seller leads. 

1. Choose a Stage.

Choose a Stage and click on the three dots on the top right corner of it. Then, select Automations.

Click on Add Automation

Click on the Action dropdown to choose the type of automation. After choosing an action, you'll be able to specify what the action will do by using the second dropdown below:

  • Assign to Team Member: assign the lead to a team member of your choosing. 
  • Unassign Team Member: unassign the lead to a team member of your choosing. 
  • Add Task List: add an existing task list to the lead.
  • Send to Integration: send the lead to an integration of your choosing.

Before sending to an integration, you first need to set up that integration. Create new integrations by going to Settings > Integrations.

For instructions on setting up a Zapier integration, click here.

After you're done setting up the automation, click on Save

Once you click on Save, you'll be able to see the saved automation. 

Stage automations will be triggered once a lead has been added to the specific stage. Note that existing leads within that stage before the creation of the automation will not trigger the automations.  In order to trigger the automations for those existing prior leads, move the lead to a different stage, then move it back into the stage with the automations to trigger.