Customizing Menu

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Arranging Menu Items

  1. Go to WordPress Admin Dashboard.
  2. Go to AppearanceCustomize.
  3. Click on Menus.
  4. You will see a list of menus. In this example, click on Main Menu to edit each menu item.

  5. Drag and drop to order your menu items.

  6. Click Publish to save your process.

Adding a New Menu Item

  1. Click on Add Item at the bottom of the list. A secondary tab will open up.
  2. To create a new empty page, type in the name of your new menu item and click Add. You can add content to that page afterwards.
  3. To add an existing page, you can simply click on the + sign next to the page title.
  4. You will see the results on your menu bar in the live preview.

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