Call Answering Service Forms for Leads

If you are using a call answering service, Pebble can create a form for your call answering service agents to submit leads directly to Pebble.

Add a Lead Form

To create a lead form, please log into your Pebble account and select an inbox you want the form to be connected to. Then, go to Settings. Once there, click on Add Lead Form on one of the existing inboxes. The form submission will direct the lead's information into the corresponding Inbox you have selected to create the form under.

Editing Forms

By default the form will ask for the lead's Name, Phone, Email, and Mailer Code.

You can create further lead qualifying questions.  Qualifying questions can be answered in the form can take on the form of a: 

  • Single-line text: answer in a single line of text.  
  • Dropdown: answer by selecting from a pre-defined list of dropdown items. 
  • Multi-line Text: answer in a paragraph of text. 
  • Yes/No: answer Yes or No.

Once the form is created you can now share the form with your call answering service.

By clicking the Public Form button at the top, you'll be taken to a webpage in which your potential call answering service can fill in the seller lead's information

This form will generate leads in the corresponding inbox. 

To share the link, right-click on the ' Public Form' button and select 'copy link'.

Paste the link to share it with your call answering service.