How to Shorten My Letter

In this article, we'll go over how to shorten the length of your letters so as to avoid having to mail out more pages than necessary when sending them out. 

Adjusting Font Sizes

The font sizes will allow you to shrink the size of your font and shorten the length of your letter. 

Adjusting Line Spacing

Line spacing reduces the amount of space between lines. You can highlight an entire paragraph and adjust it using the template editor's line spacing function: 

Using Soft Line Breaks

You can soft line break whenever there's too much space on a line break, you can press Backspace on the first letter of the lower line and press Shift + Return to make the space between them smaller: 

Editing Documents On-The-Go

You're able to make tweaks or adjustments to documents outside of the template editor. To do this, you would have to attach this template to a property:

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