Pebble Pricer (Chrome Extension)

The Chrome Pebble Pricer is a free browser extension that lets you find comps in seconds and price land with confidence. Accurate pricing is crucial to maximizing opportunities. 

Download the Pebble Chrome Extension

To get the Pebble Pricer extension, visit and submit the form. 

Filling in the form

You'll receive an email that will give you the link to access and download the Pebble Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store.

Once on the Web Store, click Add to Chrome

Using the Pebble Chrome Extension

Begin using the extension by visiting one of our supported websites (ie: Zillow, Redfin, Realtor, etc). 

Pull your comps, open up the Chrome Pebble Pricer, and click properties found, you will be given the property's median price, average price, median average/acre, and average price. Save the list and add additional searches from other supported websites to expand your comparisons.

For this test, we'll search for Apache County, AZ on Once the properties are searched, you can either click the dropdown to select individual properties or Save All to save all the search results. 

Searching properties using the Pebble Chrome Extension

You would be given information on the properties' median price, average price, median average/acre, and average price per acre

Displayed information based from the searched result using Pebble Chrome Extension

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