Connecting an Email Account to your Inbox

In order to send and receive e-mails from our Pebble inbox, we need to connect an e-mail account. 

Pebble will only read the emails of those in your contacts when you enroll your own email to prevent spam and junk mail. *

To do that, click on Inbox, choose the inbox you want to modify, and click on the Edit button:

Enter your e-mail address and select your e-mail provider so you can connect it to Pebble. 

In order to integrate email, calendars, and contacts securely, we use Nylas.
You can click Go to

Note: Pebble cannot connect to Google Group email addresses. To connect with Pebble the email address must be an actual inbox with the ability to send emails because Pebble allows you to email customers directly not only receive responses. 

Disconnecting your Email Address

At any time, you can disconnect the e-mail by clicking on  Disconnect button.

Note: All associated conversations will be permanently deleted.

Composing E-mails

It's important to note that composing e-mails in your inbox would be the same as opening your e-mail account and composing a message there. 

Any e-mails sent from Pebble would show in your Sent folder in your e-mail account, as well. 

The person receiving the e-mail would also see that it's coming directly from your company e-mail address. 

Congratulations, you have now connected your email account to Pebble.

*If you want to enable ALL emails to your Pebble inbox, you can add your email as a contact inside Pebble. Check this article for adding your contacts inside Pebble Adding Contacts