Porting Number

Send the following requirements to hello@pebblerei.com.

  • Signed Letter of Authorization (Letter of Authorization)
  • Billing statement for the existing carrier (within the last 30 days)
  • Customer Service Record (CSR) from the existing carrier

Things to consider:

  • In order to avoid delays or rejections, you must keep all numbers with the current carrier until the port is completed
  • When porting numbers, you will be responsible for any termination charges levied by your current carrier.
  • Following the completion of the port, you may not be able to receive messages for up to three business days.
  • Your current carrier will process the port request, and it can take up to four weeks.

Note: Due to the carrier coordination involved, the porting process takes between two and four weeks from when we receive the required documentation from you, assuming there are no rejections.