Call Forwarding

Pebble gives you the option to forward calls to another phone number. In this article, you will learn how to forward calls from your Pebble number.

If the call-forwarding feature is activated, Pebble will automatically forward all incoming calls to the designated number.

In order to activate call forwarding, you will need to disable the voicemail service.

Editing Phone Number

Once you’ve logged in to Pebble, go to Inboxes on the left-side panel.

There are two inboxes that will pop up, the Seller Inbox and the Buyer Inbox. Choose from your inboxes, either the Seller Inbox or the Buyer Inbox.  Click the Settings icon. Scroll down to the  Phone numbers section. Click the Edit icon. The Edit Phone Number window will open. 

Going to the Edit Phone Number window

Click + Add number, type the forwarding number, and click Save.

Adding forwarding number

Removing the Forwarding Option

To remove the forwarding number, click Remove. Click Save.

Removing forwarding number

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