Managing Your Inboxes

Inboxes are places where you can handle all of your communications in one place. Inside the Inboxes page, you’ll see each one of your Pebble inboxes.

There are two Inboxes inside Pebble, the Seller Inbox is the place for managing acquisitions, while the Buyer Inbox is the place to handle dispositions.  

Let’s dive into the details of what you can do with your inbox.

Seller Inbox

When you click the Seller Inbox, it will display all the conversations. These can be text messages, threads, phone calls, emails, or lead form submissions. Once you click one of the items in the Seller Inbox, it will pull up all the details of that conversation, such as phone calls, messages, etc.

Navigating Inboxes

Add a new deal or select an existing deal

In the upper-right-hand corner, you will see the associated deals. You can add a new deal or select an existing deal. 

To add a new deal, click the Add New Deal button. If a mailer code is available, enter the mailer code and it will auto-populate the information about the deal; including the campaigns, contacts, and properties it is associated with.
You can select which board to add to the deal and select the stage by clicking the drop-down arrow. When you’re done, click Save. A new deal is now created that is tied to a conversation.
Adding a new deal or selecting an existing deal

Additionally, once you click a deal it will show all the associated conversations. Just click on it and it will bring up the same conversation within the deal page. 

Showing all associated conversations inside a deal

Click the View in Inbox button in the upper-right-hand corner will bring you back to the Seller Inbox page.

Setting Up Inbox

You can personalize your inboxes by setting them up. Follow the steps here👇

Inside the Seller Inbox (or Buyer Inbox), click the Settings button on the top-right-hand corner. The Inbox Settings will open. 

Setting up Inbox

Inside the Inbox Settings you can do the following:

  • Rename your Inbox Name. Click Save.
  • You can view and change the Inbox Email Address. The inbox email address is a Pebble-provided email address that is unique to your inbox. If anyone sends an email to this address, it will show up as a new conversation. This can be useful for third-party services that may notify you of new leads.
  • Connected email address - you can compose a new email, and receive a new email by connecting your email account to Pebble.
  • Phone numbers - you can purchase or port a phone number into Pebble by clicking the Add phone number button. Each account comes with one free number. You can also add multiple phone numbers.
  • Configure phone settings - you can upload Voicemail Audio, configure your Ring Time Duration, and add a Forwarding Number by clicking the pencil icon next to your phone number.
  • Lead forms - are a great way to get leads into Pebble. If you have a website, you can embed these lead forms or give a link to your lead, directly to people to fill up.

Note: No matter how your leads come in, either via an inbox email address, your connected email account, phone number, or a lead form, all of these will create a new conversation within your inbox.

Inside your inbox, you can also do the following:

  • Send an email to as many as you want, add an attachment, and add cc or bcc to your email recipients.
  • Send text messages - select a phone number, compose a message, or add an attachment to a text message.
  • Make a phone call - select a number that you would to make a phone call, and click Call
Actions that you can do inside the Inbox

Filter the Messages

Filter the messages in your inbox to see your preferred view. Click the Filter icon, and select from the list of views:

  • Inbox - it displays the incoming messages inside the Inbox
  • Unread - It displays only Unread messages from your Inbox
  • All Conversations - you can view ALL conversations - whether a call, a text, or an email.
Using the Filter option

Email Syncing

You can choose to sync only emails that match contacts in your Pebble account or sync all emails from your connected account.

Email syncing selection

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