Marking Contacts ‘Do Not Mail’

There is an option in Pebble to mark a contact as "Do not mail".

By opting out of mailing, our users will save on mailing costs. This contact information ad will be read as "Do Not Mail" and no mailer will be sent even if you upload the same seller information.  

Important Note: The Do Not Mail flag is only for mailing within Pebble. It will not affect anything that’s exported out.

There are two ways to mark a contact as Do not mail:

Campaign Section:

  • Go to the Campaign Section > Choose the Campaign where the contact is in >  click the Edit icon:

  • Turn on the "Do Not Mail" toggle

Contacts Section:

By going to the Contacts section, you can also search and mark a specific contact as Do Not Mail.

  • Click Settings > Contacts:

  • You can enter a name, email address, or phone number.

  • Choose the Contact information that you want to mark as "Do Not Mail".

  • Click the Edit icon:

  • Turn on the "Do Not Mail" toggle

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