Managing Deals

What are Deals Boards? Deal Boards are a centralized place for you to keep track of the properties you're acquiring and selling. Use Deals to manage and track your entire acquisition and sales pipeline.

Different types of Deal Boards

Once you are logged into your Pebble account, you will see multiple deal boards depending on your subscription plan. 

Viewing the different deal boards
  • Seller Deals - is a deal board used to manage acquisitions.
  • Inventory Deals - is a deal board used to manage and market the current properties.
  • Buyer Deals - a deal board used to manage the dispositions.

Managing Stages inside a Deal Board  

Each Board is made up of multiple stages or lanes, and each Deal has its own card. 

To move a card to different stages, simply grab a card and move it through the acquisition process until it reaches the end of the process.

Adding a Deal Board

  1. Click Deals on the left side panel. 
  2. Go to the upper-right-hand corner and click +Add Board.
Adding a deal board

Editing and Customizing Stages

Every deals board has its stages. The stages are customizable according to your preferences. 

To customize your stages, follow the steps here 👇

  1. Click on the ellipsis (three dots) on the top-right corner of the card. It will display three options: Edit, Delete, or Automation.
  2. Click Edit to edit the name and change the color of the stage header. Click Save.
  3. Click Delete to delete the stage. A message will pop up. Click Delete Stage to confirm the deletion of the stage. 
  4. Click Automation will help you automate the stage. Select the stage automation. Click Save.
Editing stages

Editing / Deleting a Deal Board

  1. Navigate to the deal boards you want to edit, such as the Seller Deals board.
  2. Click the Settings icon. The Board Settings window will open.
  3. Edit the board name according to your preference. Click Save.
  4. You can also delete a board by clicking the Delete this Board button. Caution: Once you delete a board, there is no going back. Please be certain.
Editing a deal board

Adding a Deal

There are two methods of adding a Deal Board.


Add a deal manually by clicking the Deals Seller Deals on the left-side panel; click the +Add Deal button in the upper-right-hand corner. 

Adding a deal

Inside your Inboxes

  1. Navigate to Inboxes on the left-side panel.
  2. Inside the Seller Inbox - you may receive a Lead Form submission mail. Open the message and check the mailer code.
  3. Click the Add New Deal button.  Note: If the sender entered a mailer code in the Lead Form submitted, the details are pre-populated. All the information related to that mailer code will become available. It includes properties, contacts, and campaigns.
  4. Under the Board field, click the dropdown arrow to select the deals board.
  5. Choose a stage by clicking the dropdown menu.
  6. Click Save. Once the deal is created it will go to the "Lead In" stage (or depending on the stage chosen).
Choosing a stage in a deal

Managing the details of a Deal

  1. Click the Deal Title on the right side panel to open the details of the deal.
  2. Click the Edit icon to edit the deal title.
  3. Enter the Estimated Deal Value (optional).
  4. Add the Campaign and Source of the Deal.
  5. Hit Save to apply the changes.
  6. Click the +Member icon to assign team members.
  7. Click the Stage dropdown arrow to change the deal status.
  8. Click the Close Deal button to close the deal.
Editing the details of a deal
  1. Click the Add List button to add a task list.
  2. Enter messages or notes inside the Notes field where you can mention other team members inside the Pebble account. Hit Save.
  3. Navigate the Properties on the right-side panel to manage the details of the property.
Adding a task list

Moving individual properties to different Deal Boards

  1. While inside the Seller Deal board, navigate to the Deals panel on the right side.
  2. Go to the Deal board where you move the property (for example, Inventory Deals).
  3. Click the + Add to Board button. The Add Deal window will open.
  4. Name the deal.
  5. Select the stage by clicking the dropdown arrow.
  6. Click Save. You will then be directed to the selected deal board (for instance, Inventory Deals). From there, you can add tasks by clicking the Add List button in the Tasks section. You can also send a note or add a conversation in the same panel.
Moving a property to a different deal board.

Moving Deals to different Deal Boards

Note: This feature is only available on the Growth and Scale plan.

To move deals across different deal boards, simply click on the deal that you would like to move over and head to the Stage dropdown. You can then click on the board and new stage that you would like to move the deal to:

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