Uploading Files to a Property Page

This article aims to provide insights into the purpose and functionality of the Properties section.

Filter Options

The Properties section offers a filter feature to narrow the property selections based on specified criteria. To use the filter feature inside the Properties section;

  • Click Properties on the left sidebar menu.
  • Go to the right-side panel; specify the criteria. Tick the type of data you want to filter based on the following:
      • County
      • Tag
      • Field
      • Campaign
      • Deal
  • Provide the data required, for example, when you click Campaign, the system will ask for the type of Campaign you wish to filter. Click the drop-down arrow to select the campaign type. Note: The filter criteria display the number of the selection made.
  • Click Clear Filters to clear all the filters made.

This feature streamlines your property management by providing a more targeted view of your properties.

Additionally, filtering by mailer codes allows you to group properties according to specific marketing campaigns or mailer batches

Uploading Files

The Properties section allows you to upload files that provide additional information about the property.

To upload files to the Properties section;

  • Click the Properties tab in the left sidebar menu. The list of properties will display.
  • Select from the list of properties you want to upload files.
  • Drag and drop files into the Attachment section, or click Browse to select from the file's location.

Supported File Types: The property section typically supports a wide range of file types, ensuring flexibility and compatibility. The supported file types include:

  • ".pdf": Adobe Portable Document Format, ideal for sharing documents.
  • ".jpg" and ".jpeg": Common formats for images and photos.
  • ".gif" and ".png": Image formats that support transparency and animations.
  • ".csv": Comma-Separated Values, used for storing tabular data.
  • ".mp3" and ".wav": Audio file formats for uploading sound recordings or music.
  • ".html": Hypertext Markup Language, used for creating web pages.
  • ".kml": Keyhole Markup Language, primarily used for geographic data representation.
  • ".doc" and ".docx": Microsoft Word document formats for text-based content.
  • ".ppt" and ".pptx": Microsoft PowerPoint formats for presentations.
  • ".xls" and ".xlsx": Microsoft Excel formats for organizing and analyzing data.