Property File Attachments

This article shows how to upload and delete files from a property page. The article includes information about the file formats that are supported and the maximum file attachment size that is allowed.

Uploading Files

The property page allows you to upload files that provide additional information about the property.

Here is how you can upload files;

  1. Click the Properties tab in the left sidebar menu. The list of properties will be displayed on the right-side panel.
  2. Select from the list of properties you want to upload files. The property page will open.
  3. Navigate to the ATTACHMENTS section on the right-side panel.
Navigating to the Attachments section
  1. Drag and drop files or click browse to select files.
  2. Select the files to upload; click Open. Wait for the files to upload.
Uploading file attachments

Deletion of Uploaded Files

  1. Go to the ATTACHMENTS section.
  2. Select the file to delete and click "x".

Note: Clicking "x" automatically deletes the file without warning.

Deleting attachments

Supported File Types

Uploading files to a property page supports many file types, making it flexible and compatible.

The supported file types include:

  • ".pdf": Adobe Portable Document Format, ideal for sharing documents.
  • ".jpg" and ".jpeg": Common formats for images and photos.
  • ".gif" and ".png": Image formats that support transparency and animations.
  • ".csv": Comma-Separated Values, used for storing tabular data.
  • ".mp3" and ".wav": Audio file formats for uploading sound recordings or music.
  • ".html": Hypertext Markup Language, used for creating web pages.
  • ".kml": Keyhole Markup Language, primarily used for geographic data representation.
  • ".doc" and ".docx": Microsoft Word document formats for text-based content.
  • ".ppt" and ".pptx": Microsoft PowerPoint formats for presentations.
  • ".xls" and ".xlsx": Microsoft Excel formats for organizing and analyzing data.

Attachment Limit

  • The maximum size of each attachment is 20 MB.

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