Automating into Pebble through Zapier

In this article, you'll learn how to connect an app to Pebble to automate an action with Zapier.

Setting Up the Trigger

Log in to Enter your email and password; click Log In.

Click the + Create Zap button, or click + Create in the upper-right side panel, and select New Zap. The Trigger window will open.

Note: A trigger is an event that starts your Zap.

Type the application name you want to trigger in the Search bar, for example, a Google Form. Select Google Forms from the list of apps.

Setting up the trigger through Zapier.

Selecting an App and Event

Fill out the Event field by clicking the dropdown arrow — for example, New Form Response. Hit Continue.

Choose the account to be used; otherwise, click Sign In. Allow Zapier to access the app by clicking the Allow button. Hit Continue.

  • Selecting an app and event.

Fill out the Trigger field by clicking the dropdown arrow. Choose the value from the list, for example, Untitled Form. Hit Continue.

Testing the Trigger

Test the trigger by clicking the Test Trigger button. Zapier will pull out information from the selected app if the test is successful. An error will occur if the test trigger is not successful.

Hit Continue. The Action window will open.

Note: An action is an event a Zap performs after it starts.

  • Testing the trigger

Setting the Trigger and Event to Pebble

Type Pebble in the search bar and select Pebble from the list. This will trigger an action to Pebble.

Note: Make sure you are logged in to your Pebble account.

Fill out the Event field by clicking the dropdown arrow. Select from the list of events inside the Pebble, for example, Create a Deal. Hit Continue.

The events available to Pebble are:

    • Create a Contact - Adds a new contact to the contacts list
    • Create a Deal - Adds a new deal to a specific board and stage
    • Create a Deal Note - Adds a new new to a specific deal
    • Create a Property - Adds a new property to the properties list

Click the Choose button to select an account and select the Pebble account that will connect to Zapier. Hit Continue. The Action fields will open.

Mapping Out the Details

Map out the details; click the fields to select from the available details inside Pebble, for example, Respondent email, Board ID, and Stage ID. Make sure to fill out the required fields. The rest are optional. Hit Continue.

Testing the Action

In order to check the success of the automation, you have to test the action.

Click the Test action button. Check if the test action is successful by going to the selected event, Create a Deal as an example. Go to Pebble; refresh the page. Navigate to the Seller Deals —> Lead In stage (this is where the event is created).

Scroll down and check if a new deal appeared in the bottom section; this indicates that the test action is successful.

Testing the action and checking the result of the action

Publishing your Zap

Go back to Zapier, and hit Publish when finished, or click the + button to add another action and repeat the process of adding the action and test action.

Publishing a zap to make the automation work.

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