'Supercharge Offers' Data with Pebble

In this article, you will learn how to bring in your data from Supercharged Offers especially if you are using them as a mailing service.

To track the mailing you want to bring in to their mailer code, you need to set a custom property field inside of the property page to be able to load that mailer code when you upload properties in.

The first thing you need to do is create a property if there are no properties on account; this will allow you to create a custom property field.

Create a Property

To create a property; navigate to Properties on the left sidebar menu and click +Add Property in the upper right section and fill out the information.

Click the property record. Scroll down to the property field section, and hit the Cog icon next to Details. The Field Section window will pop up.

Click All Sections and then hit the Add section button. Fill out the Section Name, for example, Supercharged Offers, and hit Save.

Add Field

Fill out the Name, for example, Mailer Code (SCO) - to easily identify that the mailer code is specifically from Supercharged Offers and not the default one that Pebble creates for you. Go ahead, and hit Save.

Now, you have a property field where you can upload a list from the Supercharged Offers. To view the created field, scroll down to the newly created section and you'll see Supercharged Offers.


Create a campaign by navigating to Campaigns on the left sidebar menu, and create a campaign.

Click +Add Campaign, and the Add Campaign window will pop up. Name the campaign, for example, June (SCO), select the campaign type from the dropdown list, and hit Save. The Import Campaign List window will pop up.

Import Campaign List

Select the county. If you are using Multi-County, make sure that the list provided to you has the FIPS codes. While if you are using a single county, just click the Single County tab. Choose the county from the dropdown list. Drag and drop the CSV file, or click Browse. Hit Upload.

You will see that the required fields are matched up with the APN, the name, and the addresses.

Scroll down in the newly created custom field, and select the Mailer Code to match the column to the custom property field created, that is, Supercharged Offers Sectiopm - Mailer Code (SCO). Hit Import List.

The system will scan the list and will search for any errors on the list.

View Campaign

Review the document if there are errors detected, if none, click the View Campaign button. The campaign will display, and the properties that have been brought in.

Go over to the Properties tab on the left sidebar menu, scroll down to the property details section on the right-side panel and you will see the Mailer Code (SCO) for the Supercharged Offers. You can also add other mailer codes by adding a field.

Searching the Supercharged Offers Mailer Code

If you want to search for the Supercharged Offers mailer code, all you have to do is navigate to Properties on the left sidebar menu. Go to the filter bar, and select Field. Select the field that was created, which was the Mailer Code (SCO), and turn the toggle On.

Whenever you want to search by the mailer code, just go to the filter bar, hit Field, and search under Mailer Code (SCO).

That's how you can bring a list from Supercharged Offers and utilize the mailer codes that they have created for you.

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