Auto Follow-Up Plans (Action Plans)

Here at Pebble, we strive to give you an easy-to-use and streamlined way of following up with your contacts. Want a way to just set it and forget it? Say hello to Automated Follow-Up Plans! Our Automated Follow-Up Plans are the answer to getting and staying connected to your most important contacts via email and text. Easily create your drip campaign structure, customize the perfect messaging, and schedule things to go out to whoever you want whenever you want!

In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of setting up text and email follow-ups, ensuring that your contacts stay engaged and informed throughout the deal cycle.

Note: Action Plans are available on the Growth and Scale plans.

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Pebble Auto Follow-Up Glossary

  • Enrolled Contacts: The name of the contact that is enrolled in the follow-up plan
  • Plan Name: The name of the follow-up plan that the contact is enrolled in
  • Start Date: The date the first piece of communication in the follow-up plan will be sent
  • End Date: The date the last piece of communication in the follow-up plan will be sent
  • Status: The current state of the follow-up plan. This could say in-progress, scheduled, or paused. The paused status can mean that the contact reached out to you during the follow-up plan, the campaign has completed all steps in the follow-up plan, or it could mean that the follow-up plan is still active but not complete. You can double-check progress if you want a better idea of how many steps were completed.
  • Progress: This indicates forward movement in the follow-up plan. You can always hover your mouse over the information circle to see the total number of days and steps in your plan as well as what's already been sent.

How To Create A Follow-Up Plan

To configure your Auto Follow-Up Plan, navigate to Action Plans and click on + Add Plan.

Define The Structure

Now it's time to structure your plan! To do this, you'll need to add a plan name, add your steps, and define the details of each step including which day the communication will be sent, what time the communication will be sent out, and what contact method you'd like to use.

  1. Add a plan name.
  2. Add steps. Steps represent outreach. For example, one step would be equivalent to one outreach (email or text message). If you wanted 2 emails and 2 text messages to go out in your follow-up plan, you would add a total of 4 steps.
  3. Specify the day number. This is the day that the communication will be sent after you have enrolled the contact in the follow-up plan. If you want something to go out immediately after a contact is enrolled, set the day number to 0.
  4. Select the time of day. Your communication will be sent out according to the timezone set in your Pebble profile.
  5. Choose your preferred contact method for each step. Choose from text or email.
  6. Once you've finished defining the structure of your follow-up plan, select next.

Note: At this stage, enrolling contacts is not possible. Once your plan is fully crafted, you'll be able to enroll any contact to this follow-up plan from your deals page.

Pro Tip: To delete a step, click the - button that appears on the right-hand side of the step. The first step can't be removed.

Create The Messaging For Your Texts And Emails

Once you've established the structure of your plan, you can begin creating the content for your follow-up messages.

Pro Tip: For emails, use the formatting toolbar in the editor to give your emails some character.

Once you are satisfied with your setup, simply click "Save," and you will be redirected to the list of created plans.

Congratulations, your Follow-up Plan is now set up! You can proceed to enroll Contacts to initiate the follow-up process.

Enroll Contacts In Your Follow-up Plan

To enroll contacts, go to Deals Boards, select the Deal Card, navigate to the Contact Section, and add the Follow-up Plan.

Once you've selected the plan, you'll have the opportunity to review it. This allows for any final touches or adjustments before finalizing.

You'll have the option to select the phone number you'd like to use to send the text messages as well as the email address you'd like to use to send the emails. You will be presented with a screen for each step in your automated followup sequence asking you to confirm the phone number and email address you'd like things to be sent from.

Just click next to move through each piece of communication.

Once you have finalized those details, click Yes, schedule.

You'll be redirected to the contacts enrolled page where you'll find all of the contacts enrolled in your campaigns including the contact you just enrolled. The contacts enrolled page will show you details such as: Enrolled Contacts, Plan Name, Start Date, End Date, Status, and Progress.

Note: If at any point, the contact responds to any of the automated follow-up communication, the automated follow-up sequence will stop. The status of your campaign will change to paused. You can always resume the campaign by clicking on the ellipsis to the far-right of their name on the contacts enrolled page then click resume.

Removing Contacts From Your Follow-Up Plan

To remove contacts from your follow-up plan, follow these steps:

  1. Click On Action Plans
  2. Click on Contacts enrolled
  3. Find the contact you'd like to remove by searching their name in the search bar
  4. Click on the ellipsis on the far right-hand side then click delete
  5. Click Delete Enrollment to finalize the deletion

If you have any questions, reach out to our team here: We're happy to help!

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