Sending Ranged Offers

Aside from giving an exact amount when making your offer, you can also put a ranged offer in your letter and send it through Pebble. 

In a ranged offer, you have a lower offer price and an upper limit offer price.

There are already existing default fields for the 'Mailer Price' (so you may use that for your lower offer price), and 'Secondary Mailer Price' (for your upper offer price).

Here's how to create one: 

1. Go to 'Campaigns' and click 'Add Campaign'.

2. You'll be presented with options to set up the campaign before creating it. After you're done, click on Save.

  • Campaign name: A descriptive name for the campaign so you can reference it later.
  • Template: The letter or postcard template used to generate your mailings.
  • Daily send count: This is the number of mailings that will be sent each day once you activate your campaign. To send all your mailings immediately, set this to a really large number.
  • Mail type: USPS Standard delivers in 2-3 weeks. USPS First Class delivers in 3-5 days. Check the settings page for mail pricing
  • Print type: Select Black & White unless your template includes a color image
  • Double-sided: Select Yes or No

3. Choose a county and upload the CSV file that you wish to use for this campaign.

Mailer Price and Secondary Mailer Price

4. Now, you'll need to map the lower offer price column of your list with 'Mailer Price' and your upper offer price column with 'Secondary Mailer Price'

After you're done, click on the Import List and continue creating your campaign. For more information about creating campaigns, please visit Sending Your Campaign

5. Once you're done creating the campaign, click on your template to view where in your postcard/letter the ranged offer will be seen:

Both the lower and upper offer limits will be displayed in the Price placeholder:

Sending Your Ranged Offers

To send your ranged offer campaigns, you can easily preview & confirm if your campaign's template displays the ranged offer prices by clicking on Activate Campaign

You'll be taken to a preview screen in which you'll be able to see what the letter or postcard will look like when it gets sent out. After you feel comfortable with how the template looks, confirm by clicking on the checkbox on the right. Then, click on Activate Now to activate the campaign and initiate the mailing process. 

Note: Multiple Property Ranged Offer Prices

If you have multiple properties belonging to one owner in a campaign, Pebble will add those properties' ranged prices and give you a sum total:

Here's an article on how to Send your Campaign.

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