Mailing a Campaign

Mailing your campaign is the method through which you can send your mailers after importing your list. For more information on how to import a list, please click this article: Importing Properties.

Activating Your Campaign

Activate your campaign by selecting your campaign and clicking on the Activate Campaign button. You'll be presented with options to set the Template, Daily Send Count, Mail Type, Print Type, and Double-sided mailers. 

  • Template: Select the template for your mailers
  • Daily Send Count: Select the number of mailers sent out daily
  • Mail Type: Select Standard or First Class 
  • Print Type: Select black-and-white or color
  • Double-Sided: Select whether your mailers will have text printed on the back of the mailer or not. 

When previewing the template, make sure to check that you are satisfied with the preview of the letter.

Click on the checkbox to approve that the letter is correct. Click on Activate Now

Activating a campaign

Your mailers will begin to batch every evening and be printed out the next business day.

Typically will take a total of 2-3 business days for printing and mailing.

Pausing Your Campaign

If you would like to edit the specifications for this campaign, you would need to pause it, adjust the settings then re-activate the campaign. 

Resending Failed Mailers

There are several reasons why mailers may be tagged as having a failed status, including misspelled street names, incomplete or missing address information, and other errors in the way the address is entered. These types of issues can cause the system to flag the address as invalid and result in failed mailings.

Pebble gives you the option to update the address and resend the mailers.

To begin, verify that the address you have is correct. Then edit the address accordingly. Hit Save contact.

Editing the contact information

To resend your mailer, click on the three dots (ellipsis) and select the "Resend" option. Additionally, you have the option to preview your mailer before resending it.

Previewing/ resenting the campaign

Note: When sending mail to locations such as offices and apartments, the accuracy of Address Line 2 is extremely important. Even if the main address is accurate, an incorrect/blank Address Line 2 can hinder the successful delivery of the mailer. We suggest reviewing mailers that include a suite, apartment, or unit number and ensuring they are correctly added to the Address Line 2 section of the contact.

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